Why you need an iPhone 5S/5C mount system for your motorbike

iphone motorcycle mountSmartphones are everywhere these days, and most Brits have some sort of mobile that is an essential part of their daily kit. Whether we use them for making phone calls, checking emails, online shopping or finding our way around, iPhones and the like are incredibly useful.

For those who head out on two wheels, carrying a mobile is even more important, and it could be a lifesaver.

However, a mobile phone isn’t much use if it’s zipped tightly in an inner pocket and you have to disrobe yourself of gloves and outer layers to get to it. In an emergency there is no time to waste, so having your phone to hand and in a usable position is vital.

And there is also the matter of how helpful a mobile phone can be while on the move. With all the apps and gadgets available you can now do all sorts of things on your phone. From maps and GPS applications to hotel booking sites and leisure listings, it’s handy to be able to check on where you are going and what you can do when you get there, while you’re out and about.

So how do you ensure your phone is to hand and it stays safe and dry while on your bike?

A Twisty Ride iPhone 5S or 5C motorcycle mount system is the answer.

Designed specifically for all iPhone models up to the 5s, it allows bikers to fit their phone securely to their machine in a position that still allows them to use the touch screen (while not moving, of course). It means the phone remains in sight and fully useable – perfect when exploring the perfect biking roads and even on the daily commute.

The iPhone case is made of tough, sturdy plastic to protect your gadget from all the elements, and it has a shockproof rubber internal casing so the vibrations of rough road surfaces won’t damage your phone. . Come rain, shine or snow, your phone stays dry and free from scratches – it’s 100% waterproof so even the British summer can’t ruin your day.

Best of all, it does not interfere with the workings of the phone. You can continue to use the touch screen and cameras (why not film your ride?) and if you use Bluetooth headsets to listen to music you can continue to enjoy your favourite tunes.

The universal mount is based on a pivoting system that allows the phone to be rotated 360 degrees in the case so bikers can angle it for the perfect view – great if the sun does shine! The quick release system means it can be taken off and put back on easily, so when you stop there’s no fiddling about. It can be mounted to the clutch or brake assembly or the handlebar and will fit almost any model of bike. Made of powder-coated marine grade aluminium, it is sturdy and strong and dampens shocks and vibrations.

So, if you need to have your phone to hand while out on the bike, and realistically, who doesn’t, a motorcycle mount system is an excellent investment.


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